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When a woman travels, particularly alone, she is making a statement, one that says that she refuses to be associated with the stereotype of women as fragile and insecure. She is opening herself up to new experiences and opportunities—she doesn’t travel to escape life, but she travels so life doesn’t escape her.

So you asked us and here we are with all the answers. Time to shoo off all your worries; being a solo female traveler is pretty fun and lovable. Here are some reasons to travel alone that will take away all your worries:

Feel safe with the masters of planning – WanderTrust!

The first concern is always safety. “NO! Traveling alone isn’t safe for girls”, how many times have we heard this?! Time to say good-bye to such myths with your best travel partner WanderTrust! Here is what Somya, taking her first ever solo-trip with us, has to say.

We bring to you a good 24*7 support, better and safely planned itineraries and perfect choices made especially for you. You are a fighter yourself but in any situation you always have our back! **Shhh! And that secret remains between us**

Climb out of your comfort zone

A solo trip makes you know how resourceful you really can be. Some of the most beautiful experiences come from the unexpected and even accidental. You will learn to loosen up and make the most of any situation. Seeking-adventure? Or maybe just a last minute change? WanderTrust is always here for you.

It is easier to stay on budget

No need to say “Sorry! Out of my budget!”, it is your trip, YOUR BUDGET! The headache is all ours. All you need to do is enjoy. We have had numerous trips and our travel experts know just the right place according to all your preferences! Don’t believe us? Here it out from Nishita, one of our solo-travelers in the past.

Spend time loving only yourself

Forget the world, get immersed in your own company and this trip might make you realize how much you had been missing out on pampering your favourite person – Yes, YOURSELF! But what am I to do by myself? There’s a common belief that travelling on your own may be really boring, in reality, it’s quite the opposite. Jumping on a solo trip away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life is a rare occurrence; it’s a time in which you reconnect with yourself.

Do whatever you want to, whenever you want to

You lead lady boss! You have the choice to just go with the flow or stick to a strict itinerary. WanderTrust will always be there to suggest you the best and tell you “Aye Aye Captain”. And how about dropping by some cute little surprises throughout the trip? Sounds great doesn’t it? Why not head start to our website to know more and surprise yourself.

You will be so happy you did it, ALONE!

With the combination of the experience, the confidence boost and the sense of achievement you’ll feel better than ever. Your profound sense of independence and wanderlust will now leave you willing to get out of your comfort zone a whole lot more. You will love with who you have become! **Blow the horns! Welcome her Highness**

Women inspire us each day. So dear ladies, we would love you to add up on our She-star list with so many of our other female solo travelers. You have nothing to worry about except how awesome you should look, what dresses you should take and what selfies you should click! Excited? Come fill our survey form and let us know your travel preferences. Let’s travel together and explore.

Smile because you are worth it!

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