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Eye brows up and curved, eyes wide open and wrinkles of surprise on the forehead! Happiness has no bounds when you are met with pleasant unexpected things.

The same holds for surprise trips where a new, unknown place is ready to fill you with happiness and excitement; revealed only a day before you travel. And you are still asking us why take SURPRISE Trips?

Duh! Who doesn’t like surprises!

Already excited? Well, head straight to our survey form. Fill in the details for the most marvelous trip of your life. Just Wander with your Trust in us! WanderTrust 😛

Here are a few reasons why you need to take a surprise trip NOW!

1.Surprise! It’s a gift from you to yourself

We all have those days when we wish to run away from our lives to the “Himalayas”

Well, WanderTrust is here to the rescue, with our surprise trips you can surely have this one gift for yourself! Travel to unknown places, hassle-free in your budget.

2.Tired of being the responsible adult? Well, put the blames to come on us then xD

The planning stage of a trip is the least fun part, and once you are on the trip, you often spend time internally evaluating your choices rather than actually enjoying the trip. Surprise trips with WanderTrust cut down any such possibilities and allow you to take the back seat and watch the show with popcorn.

3.You end up visiting places you never thought you’d venture to

Indeed. Maybe, your perfect vacay spot was right under your nose all the time and you never noticed it! When going on surprise trips, this is something which creates magic. You explore places and experience things you never thought you would enjoy so much.

4.The waiting game

Surprise trips make your experience extremely hassle-free and fun-filled; the time you would have wasted on actually comparing your hotels or regretting those high air-fares is now spent increasing your excitement, waiting eagerly for the BIG REVELATION.

5.Perfect places do not exist

When you go on a pre-planned trip to a new place, even with huge amount of research there is always a possibility of you not liking the place in the end. Well, surprise trips do even that for you! With a team working specially to focus on your likes and dislikes and a team full of travel-geeks, places chosen for you are perfect according to your taste.

6.Don’t set out to be someone different, set out to be you!

Surprise trips are unique experiences unlike the cliché trips where you still ought to follow the social etiquettes you probably hate. No more of the same roads, no more of the same aunt’s house which falls on that road 😛 It’s all unique and personalized for you.

We are already going crazy over this surprising concept of Surprise trips. Why do you wait? Go out and explore what WanderTrust has in store for you and Let life Surprise you!


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