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If you travel for serenity and to see beauty, Spiti is for you. If you travel to see high passes, ancient architecture and to feel the chilling air, Spiti is for you. However, even if you travel to witness unity in diversity then Spiti is FOR YOU – Buddhism and Hinduism is something really well blended here. Spiti Valley is one place that fits right for every traveler’s needs just like Team WanderTrust does to your travel needs and experiences!

The best time to travel to these areas is between April and October. Described as a place where “surely gods must have lived”, let’s see what Spiti has in store for you:

Manali – Starting Point

Always fancied Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani? Manali it was! Who hasn’t heard about Manali?! Manali is one of the most beautiful hill stations and a gateway to trekking, skiing etc. This is place where you can soak in all the beauty, peace and adventure and forget all your worries! Manali is usually the preferred starting point towards the journey of Spiti Valley.

Manali Rohtang Pass-Kunzum Pass-Kaza

This is the next step on the trip to Spiti. Spending times in the mountains and visiting tiny settlements like Gramphu, Batal etc as you descend. The magical landscape at Kunzum La and Kaza with vast valleys will leave you mesmerized.

Komic and other high breath-taking villages

The journey in Spiti continues as you visit the majestic Key monastery and adventure around driving on some of the craziest terrains and highest villages of Asia. Visiting local markets, families and enjoying the nature is all you will do! Spiti will keep making you fall in love! Komic is a village here, located about 20km from Kaza, this beautiful village is located at 18,000ft above sea level. This place allures visitors through its pristine beauty and magnificent surroundings.

Dhankar and Tabo Monastery

Dhankar monastery is claimed to be a 1000 year old monastery overlooking the confluence of Pin and Spiti River. The awe-striking sights might make you want to stay here forever! Tabo is another such place which is a UNESCO world heritage site, famous for its painting and intricate statues and portraits of gods and demons.

Chandratal Lake

Moon lake- The lake has been so named due to its crescent moon-line shape! As serene as its name, this is a shining jewel of Spiti Valley. It remains enveloped in acres and acres of snow, while it’s deep azure waters extend to almost 2.5km in length. Located at a height of 14,110 feet the lakes changes color every hour! Camping here would be like a dream come true.

Pin Valley National Park

Among the various beautiful places to visit in Spiti, one is the Pin Valley National Park. Situated in the cold desert Ibex of Spiti Valley, it houses an interesting collection of flora and fauna. One can witness a variety of wild animals like woolly hare, Tibetan gazelle and snow leopard, among others.

Spiti is indeed the hidden world of Himachal. Here you can even send post cards from the world’s highest post office! Spiti offers a lot of scope for all you adventure junkies. It is a world that is a blend of ancient Buddhist monasteries, untamed barren land, quaint and remote villages, pristine lakes, fascinating stories, rich culture, kind people, mesmerizing views and extraordinary lunar landscape.

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Spiti is a life changing experience!

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