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Who said that you need to travel abroad for visiting the best islands and beaches? Daman and Diu are becoming the next hot spot. Islands are the most loved vacation spots all around the world. You could feel the sea breeze blowing on your face. Or you could feel the salt tickling your nose as you hear the sound of seagulls flocking in the distance.

Well, here are the top 4 reasons why this amazing combo of great a beach land and a cozy island- DAMAN AND DIU, should be your next vacation stop!

1.) Unimagined scenic beauty right from the flight!

Yes, when travelling to the coasts/islands like Daman and Diu the feast of scenic beauties begin at your window seat! From takeoff to landing, keep your eyes peeled and your cameras ready for breathtaking scenes of azure lagoons, golden sands and valor-filled trees that tower out of the ocean as if reaching for the stars.

2.) Visit anytime!

Daman and Diu experience a moderate temperature all throughout the year and can be visited anytime. The favorable climatic conditions allure a number of travelers from different parts of the world. However, the most perfect time visit Daman and Diu is from October to March. It is the perfect season as the weather remains pleasant during this time and it makes you explore the place in the best way.

3.) Blended culture and joyful people!

The people from Daman and Diu are popularly referred to as Damanias. The socio-cultural life of Damanias reflects a pure blend of European, tribal and Indian culture and heritage. Both dance and music form an integral part of their customs, traditions and handicrafts. People are joyful and are much influenced by the neighboring state of Gujarat. Merry-making and taking care of guests is an important part of their culture.

4.) Not just another Beach Vacation!

Besides beaches, sea food and adventure sports, Daman and Diu are full of Portuguese architectural marvels. Also, being nestled between Maharashtra and Gujarat and once a Portuguese territory the island has some finger licking good food. The jetty area in Daman is famous for street food such as Pav Bhaji, Chaat and more. If you like your kathi rolls from Bengal and the Frankies from Bombay you will love the local specialty here called the Jetty Roll. And if you have had enough of food and wish for some refreshment, these places do have enough options from foreign to feni! 😛

Half convinced? Well, let’s get done with the other half. Here are the must visit spots:

1.) Fort Jerome:

The fort is a remarkable place to visit for lovers of the Portuguese style architecture. The main attraction of this fort is the Church of Our Lady of the sea. The other thing to see in the fort premises is the Portuguese war cemetery. Also, the thick walls of the fort, even though more than 4 centuries old show no sign of breakage.

2.) Bom Jesus Church

Located in Moti Daman, Church of Bom Jesus is famous for its decorative and intricate design.The gold painted wooden altar, artistically carved doorways, intricately designed rococo interiors, superbly bejeweled lofty ceilings and extravagantly styled work in rosewood all make it worthy of the visit.

3.) Nagoa Beach

With its calm waters and white sands, this beach boasts of its blue and crystal clear waters. One can enjoy the thrill of various water sports at this beach and it is perfect for swimming as well. Be it a casual stroll, a volleyball match with friends or a simple nap under the palm trees, the beach has an activity to offer to all the people who visit.

4.) Gangeshwar Mahadev Seashore Temple

This temple is believed to have been established by the Pandavas of Mahabharata. The main attraction of this temple is its Five Shivalingas, located amidst the rocks on the seashore, which are often washed by the tidal waves of the sea. When the tide is high, one can only see the tip of these Shivalingas, as the sea water tends to submerge them. The temple seems like its carved out of a cave like formation and the breeze from the sea gives a very calming feel on entering the temple.

5.) Zampa Gateway

Zampa Gateway is a prominent landmark in the Diu district. Earlier it served as the official gateway to Diu. This gateway features carvings of angels, lions and a priest. There is also a chapel near this gateway which was built during 1702. Artificial waterfall established on this gateway adds to its beauty.

Hence, having read all the whys and wheres you must now fill out this survey form to travel to several such destinations with WanderTrust. We plan for you surprise trips to unknown destinations just as amazing as Daman and Diu! So? Come on, wait no more! Come travel with WanderTrust. 

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