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Life is short. It is beautiful and precious. WanderTrust is a big believer in living a life full of adventure, chasing your wildest dreams and truly embracing wanderlust and the desire to go, make a memory.

So why wander? Because WanderTrust believes a beautiful story lies around every corner yet unexplored. Wander because stories unfold naturally when we are willing to get up and go, when we decide to seek an adventure, when we say hello to that stranger, when we offer help to those who look as though they are in need, when we take the time to look around and acknowledge the beauty of our surroundings. Wander because we meet beautiful souls, we make lifelong connections and find fellowship in the community that embraces us no matter where in the world we happen to be. Wander because nothing makes us feel more alive than peering into the unknown. So, come Wander with WanderTrust.

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Adventure is worthwhile. WanderTrust believes that planning a trip can be quite stressful. Right from preparing an itinerary to booking an accommodation. Nothing is really easy. By letting us handle all the arrangements, you can expect the best possible experience so that you enjoy your trip while we take care of the rest.

So why trust? Trust because you are ready to explore the unknown. Trust because for WanderTrust customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and we try to achieve this with our services. With us, you’ll get to create countless memories of an unforgettable journey. So, come Trust WanderTrust.

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Just give us your desired travel dates and budget, and fill out a survey about your personality, and travel preferences. Once you reach your chosen airport, railway station, or bus terminal, you’ll open an envelope revealing that you’re being sent anywhere from a remote hill station in Uttarakhand to the middle of a jungle somewhere in Kerala.


WanderTrust strives to make your vacations as enjoyable and care-free as possible. With our unique combination of surprise destinations and conventional travel services, we take away the stress that many people face when planning a vacation.